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An organisation like A.E.I. is very active in all aspects of Civil Aviation, this being after all its main purpose of existence. A lot of effort is spent in coordinating international relations between its affiliates so that information is freely available when needed. airpl

Cross-border activities are also encouraged and indeed organised when needed. A prime example of international effort is the contribution of A.E.I. in the JAA and EASA rule making process by participating and voicing its policies on Maintenance issues. A.E.I. is also very much concerned about the trends of Mergers, Alliances etc., especially in the area of better Human Resources Management.
A continuous effort is being maintained at all levels in order to uphold the standing of the Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, and this together with the various processes for streamlining the Aircraft Engineer qualifications to the highest standard, formulate the main policies of A.E.I.

It has to be said however that regulatory changes have caused a dramatic increase in A.E.I.'s activities and a lot more will have to be accomplished in order to reach the level which is commensurate to the professional status of the Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Occurence reporting system

If you have airworthiness concerns that you have not been able to solve through your company reporting system, or that are too sensitive for such system to use, you are invited to use AEI’s reporting form:



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